Global Mindset

At the Faxon Academy, we work with our global scholars to adopt a “global mindset.” We define a global mindset as one that combines openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures, flexibility, and emotional intelligence with strong intellectual ability. 

Developing a Global Mindset

Mansour Javidan is the dean of research, Garvin distinguished professor, and director of the Global Mindset Leadership Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management. In a 2010 Harvard Business Review blog post, Javidan argued, “In most societies, ordinary citizens are socialized to learn how to work with people who are like them. They develop a unicultural lens that helps them understand and interpret their surroundings. This formula has worked for many centuries, but it is an obstacle now—kids grow up learning how to work with people who are like them; as adults, they start working for companies who require them to work with people who are different from them and who have different cultural lenses.” Javidan concluded that having a global mindset means developing intellectually, psychologically, and socially. 

How Do We Do This?

At Faxon Academy, our global scholars will develop intellectually through a strong academic focus, based on the Michigan Academic Standards. Teachers will facilitate psychological development by facilitating and igniting curiosity in our scholars. Social emotional development is woven through the student experience at Faxon. At Faxon:

  • We foster and nurture relationships.
  • We teach our scholars empathy and compassion.
  • We nurture an appreciation for community through the implementation of restorative practices.